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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-09
Acrylic or the strength, also called PMMA organic glass is the translation. Acrylic is easy to dyeing and processing, beautiful appearance, excellent transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, has been widely used in the reality, the acrylic photo frame is yakeli application more products. Compared acrylic photo frame and other material photo frame, can satisfy all sorts of modelling, size can also be customized. From putting the location of the desktop, and hanging; From the style and workmanship, magnet frame, hot bending photo frame, picture frame with a brace; From shape square, rectangle, L, T, a heart, and so on. According to these, you can play imagination, custom frame of whatever you want. Why the acrylic photo frame by consumers like? First high transparent visual effects seem to be very high-grade, but prices are very friendly. Moreover photo change is very convenient. A lot of choice, and various shapes and colors. If you want to customize their own acrylic photo frame, echocardiography action, hurriedly to contact me!
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