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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-09
Acrylic crystalline transparency, excellent processing performance, the plank and rich color, customize for acrylic photo frame provided favorable conditions! And acrylic photo frame is not like glass picture frames heavy fragile, not like the wooden frame is used yellow, long period of time you can customize their own creative acrylic photo frame, will be one of the most memorable photo or couple photo storage, keep the best memories. This product adopts import organic glass production, the processing techniques such as cutting, grinding, polishing, molding, high transparency with crystalline texture, delicate contracted. Traditional frame fixed by screws, not only the installation can be time-consuming and screw put for a long time will rust, but the organic glass photo frame double with magnet design, not only pressed firmly, changing the photo is simple and convenient; Ordinary traditional Angle are mostly rectangular frame, very easy to hurt, sharp the organic glass photo frame four Angle using the rounded design diamond polishing, humanized design effectively protect the skin does not hurt the hand. Noble allow acrylic photo frames, each frame at least after more than five times of fine grinding, tentacles box surface is smooth, for the pursuit of delicate and beautiful friend, this kind of organic glass photo frame is undoubtedly the most ideal choice for your home decoration, fashionable and atmosphere.
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