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Acrylic products need to pay attention to in the process of adhesive

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-02
Play glue is acrylic products production and processing in one of the most common processing ways, but it can be said to be the hardest of a kind of way of processing, because the process only by artificial from the manual to adhesive, adhesive test personnel, patience and techniques. Glue dozen of good or not will affect the appearance of the acrylic products, glue will play much overflow, play less and sticky glue is not strong, the glue is not split and air bubbles, and a fine acrylic products are not allow the existence of these problems, then the following by the Noble allow display products co. , LTD. , give you count acrylic adhesive process need to be aware of some things. 1. Because of static electricity, acrylic surface love some tiny particles, so need to make sure that when bonding yakeli the surface clean, cannot have dust and small particles, or affect dust after doping in it is very beautiful. 2. Choose appropriate plank good yakeli not only higher transparency, and yakeli the surface more smooth, more easy to acrylic adhesive. 3. Because of the binder is to belong to a kind of chemical products, will inevitably on acrylic has certain damage. In the bonding process is done manually, by someone often have glue immodesty drop to the acrylic to happen, so for do not need to bond, we can use stickers to guard the yakeli. 4. Bonding process should pay attention to in the shade, do not underneath the sun point-blank, cause otherwise yakeli yellowing, affect the appearance. 5. Bonding can be bonded in the shade until dry naturally after, remember that don't in order to catch time, use the hair dryer equipment such as accelerating the glue drying time, high temperature, will make the binding on the edge of the glue volatilizes quickly, white edge. Noble allow companies focus on acrylic custom for twenty years, adhesive experienced technical personnel, pay attention to the process details, & other; Noble allow product, glittering and translucent ice thoroughly, high through highlighting & throughout; 。
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