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Acrylic, ratten 丨 pass book display 丨 file shelves 丨 acrylic display stand

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-06
Acrylic propaganda frame is also called the yakeli ratten pass book display file displaying an acrylic display stand display shelf, collectively known as yakeli reveal frame, pay attention to product image display and brand transmission in today, more and more enterprises and brands to choose acrylic propaganda, because it can better facilitate enterprise product publicity! Compared to traditional metal plastic show more high-grade, durable, and beautiful. The advantage is mainly manifested in the following several aspects: 1. Its material easy processability created space for personalized design, the design of the shape and the design of advertising design can be done according to the enterprise CI image design. 2. The color of the acrylic material is rich, the most used color is transparent material, give a person the feeling, appear a high-grade products can make customers from multiple perspective. 3. The density of acrylic only half of the common glass, made of organic glass light plexiglass display quality. And not easily broken. 4. Acrylic display rack, generally by plate processing, so in production when compared to the plastic material saves a lot of mould cost, there is no limit to the number. Acrylic advertising production is based on the plate cutting, bonding, hot bending, trimming polishing machining process, the subsequent also need the production of organic glass craft, such as by adhesive glue, organic glass, etc. Of course different vendors using process will also be different.
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