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Acrylic sign can outdoor use?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-14
Acrylic sheet, estimates that everybody is not strange. Or organic glass, acrylic, also called PMMA is one of the numerous plastic class. Acrylic with crystalline transparency, light transmittance over 92%, the light is downy, clear vision, dye acrylic and has a good exhibition effect. Noble allow acrylic customer service often receive customers ask, is acrylic glass? In fact, it is similar to ordinary glass, but not common glass. It lighter than common glass material, also not easy to fracture. As long as the people in your life watch carefully, will send a lot of identity CARDS are using acrylic material. Yakeli board has good processing performance, can use thermoforming, also can use mechanical processing way. So the acrylic sign any shape can be customized. Acrylic has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface luster, as well as a better high temperature performance. Long-term sun exposure and rain erosion, is negligible effect for good acrylic sign, in the outdoor waterproof sunscreen is not a problem. Acrylic material is very suitable for a variety of sign. Welcome to custom acrylic sign friends feel free to contact us call: 4008959252
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