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Acrylic sign making customize your exclusive identification

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-02
Denoting the sign is a kind of sign, usually printed in the above text pattern, etc. In order to achieve the result of some panels indicate, common sign panels indicate at the mall, supermarket, safe passage. Acrylic sign refers to the use of acrylic board, adhesive, acrylic characters, light-emitting tube, the original representative enterprises, offices, shops and other name or product identification card, acrylic sign, compared with ordinary trademark has the characteristics of beautiful, dazzling and visibility. Acrylic sign features: acrylic sign for a new acrylic material production, its common signs that the characteristics: 1) Strong visual impact. Acrylic material itself is smooth, transparent, beautiful, can be processed form diversification, visual impact is strong; 2) Weather: panel covers high concentrations of uv absorber, insurable weather resistance for a long time, do not fade; 3) Durability: good product for the built-in light source protective, prolong the service life of the built-in light source (4) Resistance to impact: acrylic sign impact resistance index was 200 times that of glass, hardly be crashing risk; Transmission of light: the transmission of light as much as 93% Noble allow sign technology: high quality acrylic as sign 3 d carving panel/led5050 light source as a sign of light source/electrophoresis aluminum alloy frame let whole sign brightness high grade. The making craft of reasonable planning of the sign, strives for perfection the size of the reasonable proportion to sign more value. Noble allow sign gives you is a kind of the most popular LED sign, using acrylic three-dimensional carving technology of the common signs of developing the LED sign, to join the LED light source, realize single photon straight bright and colorful light and other all-round display, positive signs are used in hotel, supermarket, the bank of a variety of occasions. Noble allow sign is hot to accept people from all walks of life order.
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