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Acrylic trophy MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-26
At the end of the year, Noble allow company received a lot of custom trophies MEDALS project. Customers have said, this is used for company annual awards as well as to undertake unit ranked use. Organic glass is not as heavy as crystal materials, but transparency with crystal, and organic glass can be molded many shapes, color is rich, not as a single crystal. Therefore, organic glass trophies MEDALS become a new fashion, a lot of enterprises and institutions more like custom organic glass cup. Trophy symbol is of great significance, it is a performance for fame. Whatever the award, I believe when the winners have the crystal trophy, see carved on the trophy belongs to his name and achievements, they must be within the delight. Honor need trophy to witness. Noble allow manufacturer specializes in custom organic glass cup, we choose imported transparent organic glass plate production, with first-class equipment and technology, to ensure the quality, the production of organic glass trophies glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, without impurities, such as pieces of fine art. Upscale elegant style can be customized, can add Logo, can print pattern, and durable, make reputation for preservation. Company annual organic glass cup welcome consulting custom!
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