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Acrylic trophy process 丨 kay beat acrylic products factory in dongguan

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-26
In recent years, acrylic trophies in the major events that appear on more and more frequent, small make up for this phenomenon is not surprised, because relative to the glass cup is fragile, the cost of crystal trophy is too expensive, acrylic trophies are obvious highlights its advantages, combined with acrylic trophy is crystal clear and transparent texture, known as & other; Plastic queen & throughout; Good reputation, and colorful bright beautiful shape easy process, it is gradually replaced the glass crystal as optimizing material made of a new generation of trophies MEDALS. The two acrylic trophy is made by high transparent type imported acrylic panel, are completely transparent material, products by cutting, grinding, carving, polishing, bonding, grinding, printing and other technology processing. Framework after molding, cut by the diamond polishing machine polishing grinding repeatedly, smooth edges smooth high transparency, all planar crystal clear to see the bottom; Earth's shape is at the top of the transparent acrylic ball, continental plate above the use effect of the frosted logo, transparent sea area, and also have very fine latitude and longitude line design, logo, respectively extremely realistic effects obviously. First adopted through green earth material, through hot bending processing framework, with two boards, up and down with our special glue adhesive, no trace, natural cohesion. Also a stand, a can be placed horizontally in the middle of the paper is to use seamless hot-pressing production process, the content of the paper can be printed according to the requirement, the earth is the shape of the top of the transparent acrylic ball, with two hardware connection, are free to rotate. The above two paragraphs are customized products, the scale, detail, color, etc can be customized according to customer's specific requirements. If you are interested in our company can directly dial our service hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252: or add QQ: 2355733668.
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