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Acrylic wine rack 丨 acrylic wine rack 丨 transparent wine 丨 rick kay professional manufacturers

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-06
Acrylic wine rack as an exhibition of high-end goods promotion purpose is to highlight the product performance, the purpose of the acrylic wine rack production requirement is very strict, therefore, the detailed introduction acrylic wine rack specific production requirements. The acrylic wine rack made specific requirements: 1. Acrylic wine rack as show supplies its appearance is extremely important, first of all, high luster, smooth surface level off, the light transmittance as high as 93%, pervious to light. 2. When the acrylic wine rack paste, pay attention to clean, not into dust, or spilled the glue disorderly, avoid influence acrylic wine displaying effect. 3. Acrylic don't run into the corner of the acrylic wine rack in joining together, once knock against the acrylic wine rack edges, the products will be scrapped processing. 4. Acrylic wine rack in the process of concrete, carries on polishing processing for sharp edges and corners, avoid in the process of the acrylic wine rack cause scratches to the user. 5. Acrylic wine rack paste need professional acrylic glue, acrylic wine rack paste paste needs some time to ensure the effect. More acrylic beverage exhibition frame, data display, the production of acrylic sign knowledge, please pay attention to Noble allow acrylic products, such as welcome consultation with acrylic wine rack requirements.
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