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Activity MEDALS MEDALS, late usher in a wave of custom springs

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-13
With the arrival of November, the series of MEDALS, badges, commemorative COINS and so on also ushered in a custom peak, the crossbow Po process you share with you how to correctly choose suitable for arts and crafts. Metal crafts manufacturer badge is to use copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver metal materials, such as after a certain badge process is made and be become. Badge collection value more and more highlighted in recent years, especially this made of metal badges and MEDALS, but also become the mainstream of the present badges, such as high-grade badge of enamel badges and imitation enamel badges, badge and the lacquer that bake, and made of iron metal badges price is relatively cheap. The color of the medal and shape are also worth studying. If only the top three awards, can only represent with tou, top 123. If it is before six, suggestion is that can medal engraved on the place. Took the first three are of different colors, and the three names with uniform color. Again, custom MEDALS, in addition to the medal, there is also a very important part of that is contact the ribbon of the medal. Especially the docking ring belt and medal, this have to do, because a medal for athletes is priceless, hope to be able to well up. A badge for government units and large events. The amount of such badge is compared commonly big, so when the choice must take into account the badge production cost and time, can use printing with the tinplate badges, badge badge printing USES the process will typically have screen printing and offset printing. To mark important events such as the badges. Anniversary of national important scenic spots mementoes, countries major events such as Olympic Games emblem, the expo emblem, or is to commemorate the badge issued by important historical figures, such as MAO zedong MEDALS, commemorative medallion is made of great collection, fixed number of year of the general requirements to save for a long time, can be made into enamel badges or imitation enamel badges, then matched with exquisite packaging. Medal is awarded to have made many contributions to the country, a badge of honor and medal is a badge worn to alumni. Medal is a symbol of national pride, and medal of honor can be a system or a unit. Good things should share, crossbow handicraft website: http://www. ysgou。 Com, a key selection, easily find belongs to your custom MEDALS MEDALS, badges, ten series of craft, meet your different needs and USES, there is always a suitable for you! Hotline: 86 579 - 85596776.
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