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【 Advantage 】 Process unique - crossbow Diversification of custom metal badges

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-04
Most of the time the customer will say: your badge custom and the difference of other people's good quality, why your price so much. The crossbow technology customer service will be patient to tell you: the same, which is really bad, this is the key, different materials and ways of the production process, quality is the difference of nature! We each badge customized product are condensed the crossbow bo staff 100% of production, strictly control every process monitoring. The product value and technology unique, unique it can match the market price, and a clear conscience. Different, can highlight a crossbow bo core competitiveness, yangzhou inmi jie need to customize the middle and the end of 5000 PCS badges do arts and crafts business conference gifts, to better quality, but the demand can be divided into two times shipment. First yi time customers work with crossbows, handicraft, is purchasing our epaulettes products, cooperation is very happy, once again, when a customer has a custom requirements into arts and crafts, the first yi time contact us business. Don't need to shop around, also do not need proofing send goods, because our custom series metal badges, honorary MEDALS, commemorative COINS are rod rod quality, already let customer take orally. Crossbow bo is an arts and crafts have thirty-one years experience in sales, after-sales service as one of the crafts custom manufacturer, if you want both custom metal badges, and novel design, reliable quality, reasonable price the badge of arts and crafts. So, crossbow technology is your choice, the crossbow is provided not only good products, and thoughtful service and unexpected heart. Metal badges main material: copper, iron, stainless iron, copper, into the color material is: enamel powder, resin, paint, printing ink, imitation enamel, read the customer can choose different materials according to their own requirements of production process, so there is no rust and corrosion protection of a series of problems. Widely used in military, state organs, units, games, etc. , are particularly memorable. Articles by crossbow technology XiaoDeng original custom badge case, details can be consulting web page on the right side of the online customer service or call: 86 - 579 - 85596776, thank you as always support to us.
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