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After winning the marathon medal how to maintain?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-12
Today go to friend's home to play, he knew that our company do custom MEDALS, so they took him from the dark horse marathon medal out to me, it appeared on the marathon medal oxidation marks, don't know what's the matter, let me give his answer, I see, must be entered into the water damage. I know this marathon medal means a lot of friends and not watched MEDALS corrode, this is a memorable life. So small make up give me some Suggestions on to a friend! Also hope that other winners after the medal pay attention to daily maintenance: 1, to prevent contact with metal MEDALS of harmful chemical substances, such as acid, grease, chloride, etc. ; 2, the placement of metal MEDALS custom space must be kept dry, no dust and air pollutants. In the 18 ℃ - temperature 24 ℃, relative humidity at 40% 50%; 3, metal MEDALS put a long time after, on the basis of the environment that puts more or less will appear the phenomenon of some dark dumb, when can the silk cotton cloth wipe gently back and forth, can achieve the effect of polishing, so that the protection layer on the surface of the radiant again; 4, metal MEDALS, of the dust of the ground with a clean and soft cloth wipe, and those who need to be especially careful details of the horn side, with soft wool to brush or vacuum siphon off or blow to the dust; 5, to prevent mechanical damage of the metal trophy MEDALS, each other should not collide with each other, don't overlying pattern; 6, stored in a dry environment as far as possible, some of the bronze medal would occur and wet air oxidation, produce green alkali type copper carbonate, commonly known as verdigris. Everyone has studied chemistry at school, and if it is iron or copper products, as long as contact with water and oxygen in the air and water molecules contact reaction would be different! In my opinion, do a good job of sealing and moistureproof, but missed the good MEDALS is not necessarily material. Above please remember! To avoid damage of worked so hard to get a medal! Finally to make a small advertising: crossbows, arts and crafts, www。 ysgou。 com) , professional for the big sports custom all kinds of MEDALS ( Marathon custom MEDALS, the Olympic Games medal, games MEDALS custom, customized game medal, track and field medal, etc. ) , specializing in the production of marathon medal, metal MEDALS, badges, MEDALS, MEDALS, etc metal gifts, to provide one-stop service from design to finished product. Look forward to your call!
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