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Anniversary badge production, our customers are satisfied!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-23
A week ago, after work, then the phone rang, and a look at is the field number, think again is marketing, don't want to meet, I didn't think this number is hit again the second time, small make up this time I realized something was wrong, then immediately answer, turned out to be a Shanghai school teachers, to customize our celebration badges, say the search on the net & several other Badges throughout production manufacturer &; Several and are not satisfied with, at our website show badge is good, call to consult, so small make up 12 very good spirit, I seriously listen to the teacher's request, is want to customized metal badges, small make up a listen to, I think this is not just done? So they said no problem, can do, then the customer asked the price, material, feel can also, they said to think it over, small make up thought not at that time, a few days to nervous all the time, have never thought the day before yesterday, this phone has scored again, small make up both excited and uneasy, then immediately answer the phone, it can, to send samples to come over, first going to custom 3000 anniversary badge, small make up that call a excited at that time, this several days of efforts were not in vain, and finally god day pays off and become, but although became, but also want to good service to our clients, so as to retain customers! May miss a few times in your life anniversary, school is the place where we grow up, we should take, director of the show as much as possible, to repay school teachings of tu, perhaps in the future we left, but it can include a small badge on the hearts of millions of students, so that when I often think of, the atria are always warm, think of the badge, think of my dear school. Anniversary badge customization, school badge, badge order first party crossbow, arts and crafts, we give you the quality of high quality and satisfactory service!
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