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Archaize badges manufacturer to tell you: the history of the dog tag with the material

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-29
Archaize badges manufacturer to tell you, there are many large and small dog training field at home and abroad, specialized be used for DiaoXun dog. Trained dogs, each command every movement can do the same. Dogs are the most loyal animals, only know that obedient, eat dog food, don't know the result of the training. So how to distinguish the pros and cons of the dog? Usual practice is to the dog training ground through rigorous training, finally recognised issue dog tags, commonly known as 'diploma'. Dog tag is the dog's highest honor. In the United States, dog tag or military identification card. Every American chest wear dog tags, is service shall match the configuration of the used in the soldier's identity; It is a set of ( Two copies) Stainless steel sheet, two size is 5 cm X 3 cm, the main brand has a 24 inches long necklace of stainless steel, the board has a 4 inches shorter necklace. Add black censored washer (two are Of course you can ask with different colors of the mute washers) , it's necessary for military enthusiasts collection. Dog tag necklace: material: iron, copper, stainless iron, stainless steel, aluminum specifications: according to customer requirements process: bite card, stamping, painting, printing, shenzhen crossbow, arts and crafts co. , LTD. , founded in 2007, is located in the guangdong province shenzhen kengzi town. The company production technical force is abundant, fine craftsmanship, high quality wumart. Complete production equipment, the main production equipment are Germany imported fully automatic injection molding machine, advanced electroplating equipment and stamping bed, zinc casting machine, hydraulic press, the computer card machine, laser laser machine, and other fine matching. With a computer design, molding, stamping, casting, fabrication, injection molding, paint, enamel, plastic, spot welding, polishing, oxidation, transparent color of swimming, electroplating and other technical equipment one-stop production lines. Product information: name tags, badges, cosmetic mirror, working number, cosmetic mirror, badges, commemorative COINS, key chain, bookmarks, MEDALS, golf fork, mobile phone hang act the role ofing, cufflinks, tie clips, ashtrays, bottle opener, cap clip, trophies, archaize badge manufacturers, of pure gold silver commemorative badges and other jewelry, pendant, decoration and other hardware accessories. Companies adhering to the 'customer first, forge ahead' business philosophy, adhere to the 'customer first' the principle provides the high quality service for the general customers. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit the visit. Hotline: 0755 84533381
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