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Arts and crafts to tell you the history of the crystal trophy

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-27
At present, the football World Cup trophy is called & other; Hercules cup & throughout; 。 But the nine session of the football World Cup is not & other; World Cup & throughout; But & other; Revenge cup & throughout; 。 Two years before the first World Cup in 1930, FIFA's decision to win the World Cup trophy, with FIFA President, create huge contribution for the World Cup remy, name. The image of the trophy is the Greek goddess Nikai. She is dressed in ancient Roman bodices, his arms unbend, holding a mug. Therefore, & other; 汇杯” Also known as & other; The goddess of cup & throughout; 。 This is a mobile trophy cup. Golden cup champions can keep 4 years and then sent him back before the next World Cup, FIFA awarded to the new world champion. But there were three world championship team will be able to always keep a trophy. The ninth session of World Cup in 1970, Germany and England, respectively, won the championship, Uruguay, the Italian team to obtain the Brazil, two champions. As a result, Brazil won the World Cup, and become the first team to win the FIFA World Cup in the three games, in order to gain the permanent & other; Revenge cup & throughout; The right. In this way, the need for the 1974 FIFA World Cup 10 create new trophy. In May 1971, after review the 53 programs, FIFA's decision to use Italian sculptor silvio - Jazmin, creative & ndash; — Two kinds of power to control the design of the earth. About the image of the trophy, the designer Ghazana description: & other; Lines extending from the base and rise in a spiral curve. The image of the two athletes also appeared. They held out, raise the entire earth. This is a symbol of honor and glory. The new cup was named & other; The FIFA World Cup trophy & throughout; , but according to the two players raise the image of the earth, people used to call it & other; World Cup & throughout; 。 Glass 36 cm tall, weighs about 5 kg. It is made from 18 carat gold, with two dark green malachite. On the basis of the trophy, the name of the champions since 1974 has been engraved, trophy there is enough room for all the champion team, until the 2038 World Cup. Initially, the cup costs about $50000, is now valued at $10 million. For the first time since the 1974 World Cup, beckenbauer on behalf of the champions of west Germany, lifted the symbol of the football of the highest honor & other; Hercules cup & throughout; 。 So far Germany ( 2) , Argentina ( 2) , Italy, Brazil, 2) ) And France won five countries. With & other; 汇杯” Different, & other; Hercules Cup” Liquidity is a permanent trophies, no team is going to keep it forever. But we still looking forward to know who will be the first team to win & other; World Cup & throughout; In the team.
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