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Celebration activities badge order how to choose, crossbow technology to help you answer?

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-21
Badge use has spread to the life of people, big to the emblem of the Olympic Games medal, giving little party to participate in outdoor activities, activities of little commemorative badges, have in the life of people everywhere, the symbolism has been overlooked. Celebration activities badge customized design for school is a school spirit orientation and characteristics of different design organic unifies in together, represent different emotions and different symbolic meaning. Schools in the anniversary and other major activities, also tend to produce anniversary commemorative badges etc already in memory. As have thirty-one years made badges and design experience of the crossbow technology, here to share with you the order and design anniversary commemorative badges should pay attention to the problem: first, the school's LOGO is the main focus on factors when designing anniversary commemorative badges, since it is of the commemorative activities such as, anniversary commemorative badges, related elements such as time, such as the establishment of time factors such as needs into consideration, this is the soul of a badge. Second, the emblem design drawings need to conform to the actual production needs, the colors of the emblem, line must be considering the factors, such as so often with badges in the badge design process to the designer to communicate. Generally speaking, the commonly used emblem design software for Illustrator and CorelDRAW, etc. Material aspects, made badge material recommended use high-grade copper, enamel, paint, etc. Design complex or requires gradual color, can use badge printing process. Can be used in surface treatment, plating, nickel plating, gold-plated part or the part USES the nickel plating, so both the golden anniversary badges, badge and silver anniversary, make it a more memorable. Near the end of the we are looking for a manufacturer of customized badges must hold good badge order and design time, avoid late emergency work. General anniversary badge number is larger, and previously emblem design confirmation time is not long, but also need to customize other accessories ( For example, box, etc. ) Badge, so must grasp on the production schedule. From design, open mold proofing, sample confirmation, badge production plus transportation time, proofing time and the time limit for a project will add up in more than 20 days. Immutable problems, in order to avoid the process to follow and adjust at any time, before order badge also need to arrange time. We crossbow Po process is the production, one of the outstanding and professional customized metal badges, common products make great effect, pay attention to the detail of the control and dig customer preference is characteristic of crossbows bo greatly. From normal badge order, key chain, customized, xionghua customized made to do the work elegant commemorative COINS, MEDALS, crossbow, all with the delicate and exquisite craft make products fine successfully without defects. Will come looking for professional manufacturer badge ordered, crossbow technology, your choice not wrong! Details refer to: WWW. ysgou。 com
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