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Chengdu crystal trophy material with hot water

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-29
Crossbow bo crystal is specialized in the production of MEDALS production, the production of custom trophy, crystal trophy, welcome to customize the choose and buy! A, almost all use wear crystal, the surface has been polished, then covered with a layer of wax, the more crystal light, but wear showers, hot water erodes the crystal surface layer, looks become dumb color, but will affect the efficacy. 2, in foreign countries, many people in the crystal cup when they drink, looks gorgeous gorgeous, if the crystal is more clear and bright, said lead composition is higher, prices rise too. But although beautiful crystal. But there is a 'no hot water' taboo. This is because the crystal is leaded glass, usually to hold water is OK, if used to hot drinks, can let a crystal trophy set of products lead by thermal analysis. More than 40 mu g per deciliter blood lead levels is called a 'lead poisoning', which cause the loss of memory, intelligence, or even a nightmare or insomnia. Three, but appropriate temperature can stimulate the energy of the crystal, such as water, such as the temperature of the palm. Legend in Taiwan, with powder crystal pave in the bath, bath crock bottom can increase a girl's temperament and spirit, increase many times the desires of the heart. Custom trophy price? Which good MEDALS made? Custom trophies manufacturer? Trophies and MEDALS customized services, all in a crossbow bo crystal
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