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ChengYaoDong elected stepping up the youth coach, November will quote for revenge against South Korea 'stamped on the trophy'?

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-22
The Chinese football association officials announced today, ChengYaoDong officially become China stepping up national football team coach, led to prepare to participate in the 2020 Asia U19 championship ( YaQingSai) Qualifying match. On June 26, the Chinese football association released on the website 'about stepping up the work of selecting and appointing national football team coach notice, and set up a technical director, training director and manager of experts of the panel, open hiring workflow. It is understood that a total of 51 candidates to participate in hiring, the ultimate goal focused on the four candidates, were two Chinese coaches ChengYaoDong, SuMaoZhen, national coach and bosnia el min & middot; Hill reaction and Belgian coach delay neves & middot; The mill. Mastery of the knowledge in the tactical training and team thinking, team management method of examination and evaluation, foreign technical director Chris ChengYaoDong is deep including the Chinese football association, former national team coach gao, vikram singh, a former international, the expert member of selecting and appointing OuChuLiang, Jody agreed, was elected in the end. In may this year, 2020 U19 YaQingSai qualifying draw result. The previous YaQingSai, China U19 green group 1 win 2 defeats, 16 to attend team ranks 13th, ranking n0. 6 entities, so this event was forced to fall in the second leg. In the end, the China youth with South Korea, myanmar ( The group stages host) In the same group, Singapore. According to schedule, qualification is divided into 11 groups, with four grades the best team in the second group plus host team a total of 16 teams in the final stage, considering the powerful group South Korea, China green wire difficulty is very big. And at present the China stepping up the strength of the green is also worrying. This might be expected to French gong method dragon this year & other; The panda cup & throughout; Suddenly before departure, the reason is that the football association are not satisfied with the teaching work, but also has revealed, gong dragon is resign, because he was disappointed at the level of this team. On May 11, stepping up the green concentrated in chengdu, to prepare & other; The panda cup & throughout; International invitational tournament, the Chinese football association to the original Chinese coach tension hastily took over, results the green & other; The panda cup & throughout; All three negative and haven't scored a goal. The final defeat to South Korea, fulfilled the opponent, but after the game in South Korea players stamped on the trophy, has caused great attention. Although the group first apology, but the panda cup of the organizing committee or withdraw trophy make a decision. The quality of south Korean player by criticism at home and abroad, but also could not hide the fact the Chinese national youth less competent people. The youth players will be stamped on the trophy picture as a screen saver, every moment remind yourself, don't forget this moment of shame; Also has photos from the fans will be sent to the Chinese football association, & other; Please take a look at this picture, we is a country with dignity, please win the trophy back, this is a shame! ” In & other; The panda cup & throughout; After stepping the HeGuoAn the green out of the cup and the weifang cup in July, the reason behind the unknown. This is also the absence of weifang cup for the first time in recent years, weifang cup is mainly composed of outstanding club echelon from all over the world take part in, the green for exercising purpose has been involved. This also means that before November YaQingSai qualifier, stepping up the green don't have much game can be running in. As ChengYaoDong spearhead of formal, stepping up countries believe that can help the team to find hope. In January 2018, ChengYaoDong had become the U19 countries green manager, before this he once led the Shanghai men's soccer U20 group win the championship in the national football. As during the U19 team coach, ChengYaoDong led team won 2018 & other; The panda cup & throughout; Weifang cup champion and 2018 sixth. ChengYaoDong has a way to coach young players, also served as director of last port of youth. The stepping over the green, like he had faced & other; Time is tight task & throughout; The pressure. But as more than a year ago an U19 ChengYaoDong said: when the green & other; Since we have a task, so I think I'm going to meet, oneself also have the responsibility, can't back down, and I have confidence in your past work or, at the same time also have such understanding, hope and play game with the team, for the Chinese football, contribute to the group of athletes to create good grades. ”
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