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Choose a crossbow bo custom badge seven reasons!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-21
Now more and more companies, in order to improve the company's corporate culture, or the company's image, will order match before the bosom small badge, of course, since it is installed with the breast, so shoulds not be too great size, general advice customer size: 1 - 2. 5 cm more suitable. But, such as different industries, different meanings, I want to order bigger, also can, but is equipped with, there will be a little heavy, there will be a little bit too prominent, relatively service industry, hotel, guesthouse, custom-made display their badges, will be a little bit big, but generally like company, group, the image of the emblem will be given priority to with delicate, the relatively small size generally. Make badge is important? Badges important is the design of the badge, badge design is the first step to make badges, so is very important for the badges, badge design good or bad directly affects the badge made effect, emblem design includes: the specifications of the badges, badge process, badge accessories, and so on are reflected to in the design. Choose a crossbow bo badges made seven reasons! 1. Crossbow is a factory direct sales, have a lot of mold products now, for you to choose and buy, for you save time, save the mold fee. 2. Crossbow products, factory price, high quality, low prices, good quality. 3. We have a professional design team, for your design draft for your company's badge of free of charge. 4. Our service scope is very broad, the country can be customized, allowing you to rest assured. 5. We have a professional design team, for your design draft for your company's badge of free, 6. Crossbow bo can open special VAT invoice, let you worry-free! 7. Plant size, brothers, if there is a big worry for shipment, we will cooperate with you, let you rest assured! Badges, badge, crossbows, metal crafts experts around you! www。 ysgou。 com
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