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Commemorative badges of Olympic MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-12
Commemorative medallion is made is the floorboard of the chapter with a memorable form items, including MEDALS, badges and collection decoration is unique in three broad categories. Except for a small number of Olympic MEDALS is the identity of the emblem of the Olympic Games, most of the general public can purchase, exchange of Olympic theme collection of MEDALS. Olympic MEDALS are the same long history with the Olympic Games. Early Olympic MEDALS in the 1896 Athens Olympics, the Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912, the athletes began to exchange between the Olympic MEDALS ( Olympic MEDALS exchange period of the Olympic Games also gradually become a very active and important part of the) 。 The 1988 Seoul Olympics, the world manufacturing of Olympic MEDALS up to 1. 800 million. In 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and the Olympic MEDALS trading center daily turnover was estimated at about millions of dollars. The 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games more than 1500 kinds of special Olympic MEDALS, sold 15 million, raised tens of millions of dollars for the games. In 2000 Sydney Olympic Games commemorative medallion is made up to more than 3000 kinds. The main content of the Olympic Games is a competitive game. MEDALS as a carrier to performance, the promotion of the sports is successive Olympic merchandise mementoes development one of the main series, at the same time also is very popular with the collector, the Olympic collection has the collection value and appreciation potential. Collected edition of set limit to of Olympic commemorative medallion is made by yu & other internationally; A popular movement & throughout; , millions of people around the world in the Olympic MEDALS professional collection, exchange and trade, and has formed a huge collection of Olympic MEDALS.
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