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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-16
Many friends do not know the craftsmanship of commemorative medals very well, so they don’t know how to choose when custom-made. Next, the Crossbow Expo will introduce you to those things about commemorative medal customization. When customizing a medallion, we should start from the following aspects: 1. Regarding the custom-made medallion material: The main materials of our common medallion are: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, pure gold, and pure silver. Zinc alloy is the most cost-effective material. Not only is the hardness good, but the price is also cheap, and it is the material of choice for most people. Brass and copper are used for medals issued by the army and the country. This material is of great significance for collection, and the price is slightly more expensive. Pure gold and pure silver are precious metals, and the materials used in the production of high-end commemorative medals are extremely expensive. 2. Regarding the craftsmanship of commemorative medal customization: Mainly: stamping, die-casting, corrosion and other crafts. The stamping process is mainly for aluminum alloy, brass, copper and other materials, because of its high melting point, it needs to be stamped to form. The die-casting process is aimed at zinc alloy materials, and the products produced by die-casting have obvious contours, distinct layers and strong three-dimensional impression. The corrosion process is mostly used for copper or pure gold and silver, which uses chemical liquids to etch the surface to achieve the desired pattern. 3. Regarding the coloring methods of the souvenirs: Mainly include: baking varnish, fake enamel, glue and other forms. Baking paint is to apply the pigment evenly on the recess of the medal, and then dry it. For fake enamel, it is necessary to smooth the filled baking varnish and the edge contour to make the surface smooth and the lines obvious, and then use the enamel powder for surface decoration to make the finished product extremely beautiful. Epoxy is to add 2mm thick glue to the surface of the medallion colored with baking varnish to form a protective film on the surface. 4. What are the accessories of the medallion: Mainly include: butterfly buckle, safety pin, round head high buckle, magnet, flat top buckle 5. About the packaging classification of medallion: Mainly include: OPP bag, transparent plastic box, paper card, flannel box , The boxes above are the main items for custom-made commemorative medals. Friends can choose the corresponding crafts and accessories according to your own situation!
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