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Common types of acrylic sign analysis -- — Kay acrylic processing plant

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-14
All kinds of signs on the streets everywhere. These signs are mainly used as a store. For example we see the snack bar will be a sign to tell consumers that the store's main food or store food price! In fact, we can see there are many types of acrylic sign classification, such as wood or metal, or stainless steel, crystal, aluminum, bronze, etc. , one of the most common is acrylic material and it on production process has the following categories: a, silk screen printing: the need to promote the words and patterns produced by screen printing. Price relative to other cheaper, this has a downside is that cannot be replaced, suitable for long is only used for a promotional picture. 2, sculpture coloring: namely by laser laser engraving and artificial colouring, suitable for making monochrome or color. 3, hot-pressing built-in metal card: with two pieces of acrylic fold together, built-in metal card in two pieces, and then through the seamless hot-pressing process to integrate the two pieces of acrylic seamless so as to achieve the effect of 3 d, to appear as a whole. This kind of technology products are usually done by the most beautiful, and the quality is good, but the cost is high. Also not suitable for ordinary promotional display. Four, paper clip: choose this type of businesses should be the most, can alternate replacement. Organic glass plate when making the built-in gap, so that businesses change the posters are placed. So in the later want to change the content, only need to print a poster can be substituted. To introduce the four types of acrylic sign, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, specific for which kind of, need to choose your own analysis. If you want to find a solid acrylic processing plants, can directly find our Noble allow yakeli plate processing plants, give you a best solution, ratio of the highest price. Service hotline: 4008 959 - 252
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