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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-24
Because of the yakeli board has good processing properties, acrylic custom when besides thermoforming and bonding process, mechanical processing way also is commonly used method. Acrylic mechanical processing including cutting, carving, hollow out and edge grinding. The used equipment including CNC and laser engraving cutting machine. CNC is suitable for higher efficiency of production, and laser engraving for complex nearly hollow out provides a convenient and surface processing. After many years development, especially in recent years for acrylic custom CNC and more advanced laser engraving equipment constantly, the degree of automation and machining precision are greatly improved, provide acrylic custom industry with higher efficiency and better quality upgrade opportunities. Noble allow company strength, rich production experience, has a group has more than 20 years production experience of technical backbone, factory building area of 4300 square meters, existing staff more than 100. I plant the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment, such as CNC, laser cutting machine, diamond polishing machine, milling machine, lathe, ect. Products are exported to Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and other developed countries, the united Arab emirates (uae), by the customer's affirmation and praise!
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