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Craft factory introduction to crystal handicraft decorative classification and design method

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-28
Now our life in all kinds of crystal crafts. Different crystal handicraft can bring different visual effect. There are more and more crystal handicraft, people have more choices. What's the difference between the classification of crystal crafts? Craft factory small make up with you, slowly: if in accordance with the processing technology is divided into obsidian image gifts, obsidian stone white embryo gift gift, obsidian. According to the material to classify words into synthetic crystal gifts crystal gifts, volcanic rocks and then in accordance with the relative level of making fine, can be divided into level of obsidian. If be decorated according to use to classify words into crystal pendant, obsidian Shi Xiang bottles, obsidian office equipment furnishing articles, crystal, crystal ashtray, crystal ornaments, crystal photo frame and so on. List the obsidian image, crystal trophy, crystal inside carving, crystal trophy is generally a few classes. Relevant design there are many techniques of crystal gifts, I see, in the chat with fellow, with the development of times, divergent thinking gradually deep, design the product contains the structural, rationality, beauty and thus caused by the other content, including the profound meaning of interpersonal relationships. Computer hardware upgrading and extension, make a design product planning and design in a new link. This kind of design way of contemporary also further improve the credibility and speed of the product design and development, design and production processing slowly and produced this & other; Seamless docking & throughout; 。 Crystal gifts bold designer should break the previous frame, begins with a new concept as a whole. They should be multiple, multi-dimensional, vertical, horizontal and cross the way of thinking to create. They should break and break down the old model, in-depth study and discuss their structure, find out their advantages and disadvantages, and then integrated processing and integrating them, under the new concept to create new forms. This is to create, this is crystal gifts should master in design. Crystal inside carving is to use laser cutting machine will have to wavelength of the beam with obsidian inside, make special position within a obsidian generate tiny bubbles burst, and then show the built-in like this obsidian craft. Crystal trophy is common in the company and the judicial award gift. Sparkling, skin feels fine, transparent. In the above can also be engraved words and patterns. In the future, crystal handicraft products not only have again and again to improve on the quality, and will also have to change on informationization, in changing people food and clothing live line, a variety of the world.
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