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Crossbow bo badge making introduction: the transformation of traditional business and the rise of O2O mode

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-07
From the commercial market development trend at present, traditional business is in a transition period, represented by O2O mode of the development of new business models are growing by leaps and bounds. The market trend of change is based on the traditional business model of a shrinking, caused the market sharply reduced demand for traditional shops, the rise of electric business and a huge increase in demand for emerging O2O experience shops. The shops and traditional business, the old business model why will shrink? Crossbow bo badge custom manufacturer small make up to summarize the following main reasons: 1, the traditional consumer goods relatively saturated, leading to less demand traditional shops. The important reasons of the lack of domestic demand is at present a lot of commodity consumption tends to be saturated, consumption upgrading to at present, all kinds of products can dig the market space is more and more small. On the other hand traditional experiential consumption patterns ( Such as dining, movies, gym, etc. ) And failed to fill the blank of the shrinking consumption of original and new experiential consumption patterns ( Tourism, entertainment, etc. ) And yet to be established and the development. A variety of business models & other; Bad & throughout; Let the traditional shops demand decreased dramatically. 2, the change of consumption habits lead to a drop in demand for traditional shops. Since the birth of electricity, more and more people through online shopping, consumption habits change shunt the store business, most of the current electricity wholesale and retail of total market size is still accelerating expansion phase, and the trend is still in the further development, also encroach on the traditional commercial space, traditional shops in terms of current trends, and there is still large space continue to shrink. 3, under the policy guidance of traditional commercial market supply exceeds demand, competition is intense. The main problems of city business planning. Now, nearly every city in the land of a lot of planning and commercial area, land for urban context and other commercial content industry. One from the government, the reasons of local finance consideration; 2 it is to record engineering driven; Three is the planning mode of thinking can't keep up with the market changes. Business planning of too much, too much supply shops, make almost all domestic cities are facing the traditional shops supply problem, the result is that except for a few commercial projects to be able to sustain growth, most of the traditional commercial projects are facing difficulties, falling, the rent is lower and lower price. So, which is dominated by the old business model has no prospect of investment shops, where is the shop in the future? The answer may be in O2O mode, a kind of solution for the online series. Because although traditional business shop because electricity of atrophy, but electricity has its natural defects, major is not able to see the goods! The inspection! Version can provide product information and price, but more is just stay in the visual level, but also of goods not board may often happen, for example the computer display color and true color has difference, material of the actual handle, the smell of the product, and so on, is that these are all online sales. If this for individual will produce some obstacles, that the buyers of the enterprise, is a must for products wholesale customers at the core of the problem. How to solve the customer demand for physical see, hear, touch? The answer is O2O offline store experience. O2O mode in addition to the physical demand solve goods, there is another important advantage is its advantages, namely, a large number of electronic retailing concentration, unified in a commercial, consumer and wholesale buyers once in the same location for all online purchase goods to see goods, the inspection. It will greatly save the buyers of the time, improve the efficiency of the procurement. In the traditional trade market in the city of the drawbacks of the restricting factors and more and more prominent, people began thinking about new ways. Crossbow bo sports COINS small article thinks, transformation and upgrading of traditional trade markets is a process will inevitably experience. Crossbow, tourism handicraft, for example, in 2014 started the construction of website platform. The combination of online and offline open new business model. Our goal is to achieve product line custom directly, save the cost, and then take goods O2O & other; In-store displays, clinch a deal online and offline delivery & throughout; Way to operate. Entities shop and online store synchronous operation. Stores can pass through the face-to-face communication with customers directly to understand the needs of the buyers, online store much expand customers reduce operating costs, big degree, the combination of the two in the present market environment can help clients badge custom made faster, cheaper products to buy. If you are interested in metal badges or have any questions, please click on contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call: 86 - 579 - 85596776, crossbow tourism handicraft & ndash; — You close the way badge custom adviser.
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