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Crossbow bo have been trying to do one thing: make badge custom easier

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-07
33 years ago, these Po have been trying to do one thing: let the metal craft: badge custom, medal, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, custom become simple! An enamel badges design precision made badge is directly related to quality. Draft, to say the badge of design is the source of the life of the emblem if you want to custom MEDALS, in the early stage of the design to know what they want to effect the badges, badge, there are a lot of, the kinds of different types of badges with the badge process often is different also, such as: customers want to customize a enamel badges, but if the colors of the emblem design is very complicated, and the gradient, so it does not accord with the requirement, can only choose a badge printing process. More common badge printing process such as offset printing, screen printing, offset printing, when making the badge design, to fully consider the different technological characteristics, need what types of badges, then what kind of design ( If you are not very clear adept technology details, can listen to badge custom manufacturer crossbow bo's advice, we will according to the information you provide, give you recommend suitable process) So that both can save some badge making energy, and can produce satisfactory badge product, why not? Crossbow bo technology Chen Gong said: concentric with customers, and suppliers homogeneity, to make product customization and service, make the anniversary celebration badge custom easier, truly, the new technology transformation, & other; Provide customers with reliable products, customer demand oriented & throughout; In order to better complete products, good services, in the market competition in the industry all the way forward and never say die! 。 Crossbow, tourism handicraft badges: custom manufacturer for more metal crafts custom details: http://www. ysgou。 Com, hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776 ( Cherish other people's work achievement, is to respect yourself) 。
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