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Crossbow, gold and silver MEDALS customization, safe quality, the price is reasonable

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-07
On September 6, 2015, received a customer from Shanghai ali trustpass consulting the price of custom MEDALS. Customers according to the custom MEDALS for the second time, but for the medal of the production process, use what material production process is more resistant to corrosion MEDALS sciolistic, belong to the layman, first order is a supplier in shenzhen, the product quality is not very good, because the defect is more, cause a lot of waste, gradually lose a lot. All in the choice of custom MEDALS manufacturer is especially attention, more strict. Because of an accident, published in ali business see crossbow Po process: & other; Badge production common problems & other; Information, this paper described the badge, had no disguise the detail problems encountered by the production process, feel the crossbow is a Po should diligently, responsible badge custom manufacturers. Try holding the psychological consultation with our online customer service, and our online personnel is also quick, professional and answer all the questions the customer, include material technology explanation and the suggestion and accurate quotation, rough mould and the delivery time and so on. May be infected by the customer's attitude toward our timely response, the preliminary cooperation to order 5500 PCS MEDALS custom orders, after the order schedule follow up several rounds of communication and contact, customer service attitude and send to us the past samples look very pleased with the quality. Reading makes people more plump, crossbow is always focus on product excellence, the pursuit of the perfection of products, we are living in a world in which science and technology developed, we have all kinds of advanced technology equipment. When the gold and silver MEDALS custom meets the crossbow of the laser ( The laser) Carving machine, when the police clothing embroidery, voltage PVC badges with crossbows, embroidery machine, CNC engraving machine, that is the progress of science and technology and life, it is the combination of modern and fashion. Crossbow technology as metal handicraft production technology research and development, manufacturing, sales for the integration of group enterprise, its series of badges, MEDALS, MEDALS, MEDALS have been popular in the market. One of the best production and design team at home and abroad, selected material and solution Suggestions, a complete system of technical training, accurate market research industry, crossbow Po process in order to provide users with more high-quality metal crafts, walk in the front end of the industry. Original customer case by crossbow technology information, for more crest, key points of the custom MEDALS, made of gold and silver COINS, and a new dynamic clickable high refer to: http://www. ysgou。 Com or call: 86 579 - 85596776 for consultation.
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