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Crossbow of the core competence is what

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-08
Said a lot of friends, why the same products, crossbow of the metal badges quotation to more expensive than the general factory, what makes you so expensive? Below, we presented a few our strengths, this is also our core competitiveness in the market invincible position: a, raw materials, process, product raw material is given priority to with copper; 2, the color: proficient in the color of the lacquer that bake, not excessive color, opaque, glabrous crumbs; Imitation enamel color into the flat without impurities, and can achieve the mirror effect. We are still in the production of enamel products. Production of wool stoma enamel products almost invisible to the naked eye, fine polishing, surface smooth and glossy. Three, electroplating: 1. 24 k gold plating, genuine materials, can accept the third party inspection agencies; 2. Proficient in double color plating. Like a bright a gold-plated ancient namely ancient silver, most factories are hard to do; 3. Company factory has its own legal formal electroplating factory, the product don't have to ship out to electroplating, greatly reduce product damage. Four, environmental protection: all material of lead and the eight metal content in line with international standards, and we have to import testing instrument, for buying raw materials will be tested. Five, the accessories: we all use high quality accessories, such as: 1. Badges with 0. 3 mm copper butterfly cap, not easy, wear solid. Now there are 0. 2/0. 25 mm or the use of iron cap, butterfly is relatively inferior. 2. Special-purpose accessories like cufflinks, screws are used silver welding, greatly reduce the risk of parts fall off. Most factories on these special-purpose accessories is still use soldering or welding to reduce costs, at a low price to attract customers. Six, crafts heritage: set up 30 years, the technology originated in Taiwan. Company founder brothers four per capita start from the apprentice, the young have also been in 25 years. In the 30 years of international trade and foreign customers constantly exchanges and learning, integrating the advantages, more beautiful. Seven, mold engraving: at the beginning of the company set up half know that product quality is decided by engraving. To this end, the company leadership looks for a skilled carving master, finally found after a more than 60 years old, the Lao shifu retired. After repeated invitation, Lao shifu finally promised to back on the streets, hold out a batch of capability of deep engraving master, carved the lifelike 3 d model, and the venerable Lao shifu is a lifelong technical adviser for the company, focus on emotional expression and verve. Eight, aging aspects: general drawings provided within 24 hours; Ordinary samples provided 7 days, regular order 15 days delivery. Nine, product inspection: the company each product before shipment are through strict inspection, defective rate control within 3%. Ten, process integration: the company has a highly integrated production process, from design - Moulding - Pressing - Polishing - Electroplating - The color & ndash; All packaging independently by our factory. With the company's group lie between embroidered ribbon factory, can provide one-stop shopping for demand of customers, such as the embroidery part of the epaulettes, medal hanging belt, etc. Eleven, scale and partners: three factories, a total of more than 4500 people. With the satellite more than 200 factories, a good relationship of cooperation, support each other in 30 years, common development. Choose crossbow, metal badges, let your custom needs no hard!
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