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Crossbow Po 31 enterprise custom anniversary of badges, because the focus, so professional

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-06
Through training, let me really realized the importance of team strength, also let I learned a lot the heart of management methods and techniques. On lu teacher is very funny and well informed and will obscure boring anniversary of the badge and the movement custom MEDALS, principle, process flow management theory to explain in detail the vivid, flexible, easy to understand, easily understood, one instance can more quickly and efficiently applied to practical work and in life. Specific summarized as follows: first, put an end to all kinds of waste in order to improve the commemorative MEDALS production efficiency. Operation of waste in our work time, if can find out the waste and improve is the key, to find out our side of the waste of participation and can only be more comprehensive. To really to put an end to all kinds of waste to do the great amount of work, need a lot of manpower to do it, so we do a good job in publicity work, to mobilize all the staff actively participate in to put an end to all kinds of waste, to achieve the purpose of increasing production efficiency. Second, the actual out whoever needs help is we often say & other; A hillock pluripotent & throughout; , if each of our employees to master multiple skills for jobs, so in terms of production personnel to mobilize more flexible, is humanization, automation, and put an end to waste less efficiency. To make every employee can handle multiple jobs skills must be more training and practice opportunities for staff, more concerned about their learning and gives the distribution of different work, let them improve operation skills in theory and practice. Three, diversification of order, that is, many varieties and small batch, custom metal arts and crafts industry, the number according to the needs of customers. How to do the configuration and application of materials, determines the product delivery time. To solve these problems need to be more balanced management, reasonable scheduling plan PMC, in order to follow. Four, automation equipment & other; Less humanization & throughout; From & other; Province humanization & throughout; Too much, and the need to improve employees' skills can be realized. While & other; Automation & throughout; 。 Since 2011, crossbow introducing professional aluminum content and eight heavy metal tester, CNC engraving machine, laser carving machine, automatic hydraulic machine and other automation equipment. So, to really put an end to waste, must realize the disadvantages of waste on thought, full participation, learning from each other, mutual supervision, guidance, formulate corresponding rewards and punishment measures, can get into the habit of from thrift thoroughly implement lean production, can effectively stop the waste condition, innovation process, social commemorative gifts in life with how important role - play with Good quality custom government badges, crossbow, welcome to inquire.
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