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Crossbow technology: how much does it cost to customize a metal badge?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-08
About metal crafts custom cost a lot of people do not know, through the communication with peer companies, dongguan handicraft custom manufacturer crossbow to answer answer for everybody, let everybody to have in-depth understanding of this piece of costs. How much does it cost to customize a badge of handicraft? How much money a badge product can do? These are now ready to customize badge handicraft or has this aspect demand of enterprises concerned, due to their custom to handicraft the lack of professional knowledge, and to have the custom requirements, so they are to develop a badge still don't know the cost of the product. 1, now more than ever the domestic in arts and crafts, badge so what is the custom? Arts and crafts to the spread of interactive effect is so strong, now with foreign custom market demand. This shows what problem? We began to pay attention to the image and encourage staff skills upgrading. Many companies have begun to customize badge, become a popular application in every big customer circle, however, the market in China, the phenomenon of cluster is very much, arts and crafts, too, so to late competition is fierce. Such as customer looking for a badge manufacturers, many manufacturers are racing to competition, as a professional custom-made thirty-one years development history, production of various kinds of badges, sports MEDALS, commemorative MEDALS, key chain, etc. 'arts and crafts of high quality customized business is a good thing, of course, because use strength to speak. 2, then customize a badge need mold fee? Everyone knows general custom badge is need to open mold fee or version fee, because each customer's LOGO design and the design is not the same as intensity. So this custom manufacturer ability is the key, a powerful manufacturers, make badge product to stand up to the customer's inspection, otherwise it will appear a lot of problems, influence customers to use and evaluation. X from man's point of view, badge custom it is difficult to understand such a high price, of course, only a person in this industry will understand. Anyone that is market, guess. In this paper, by the crossbow bo small piece of original information, reprint please indicate the source: http://www. ysgou。 Com, series made badges, MEDALS, movement medal custom hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776. thank you
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