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Crossbow technology MEDALS order is how to adjust the employee motivation?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-10
Believe that many enterprises are facing personnel stability is not high, the employees' work enthusiasm is not high, lifeless, complained that more. In fact, a few years ago a crossbow bo also encountered similar problems, to a certain extent affect the badge custom, honorary MEDALS order production progress, especially at the beginning of the labor shortage is especially impressive, front-line workers a large number of departure, the liquidity is great. Crossbow bo custom MEDALS manufacturer is how to improve the efficiency of the staff to promote the standardization of production line? 1, the training is for employees good benefits, timing of job knowledge training and assessment, and gives some actual reward excellent employees. 2, can work, to distinguish the key positions, and ask the other positions will be key positions, openings, in key position is put on the top of the old employees, new employees on proficiency less demanding jobs. 3, post exchange ways, such as: movement medal customized engraving, badge made into color job, key chain shape cutting, silver welding job implementation support each other, so that we can make the employees hold a variety of skills. 4, the all kinds of outdoor activities of the organization department or category, enhance staff team consciousness and physical quality, physical and mental relaxation to better do our work well. MEDALS order process is very complex, and requires multiple processes open mold, production, processing, the color and paint - The finished product. To make custom MEDALS process quality is a kind of technology and the details. If control and orderly, quality is excellent, cliff all's well that ends well. However, there are 1% probability is unable to take control, crossbow of countermeasures, with a series of exciting little improvement starting, seize all key points. In this for a full range of strategic scheme, comprehensive solution. Basic work - good - - 5 s standards work, slowly but surely, over time. Under the effective change management to ensure that play a full strength, change management mode, with culture construction crossbow bo will be committed to become the global metal badges, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, MEDALS, custom-made the mentor. Dongguan medal custom manufacturer which good? Cost-effective badge custom, custom MEDALS, commemorative COINS, customize the crossbow Po handicraft: http://www. ysgou。 Com crafts custom hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776.
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