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Crystal trophy cleaning method and crystal trophy cleaning techniques

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-17
A beautiful crystal cup can be high value for many years, but with the change of time, for a long time the trophy will be on a thick layer of dust. Or due to the poor preservation, often do not care, crystal trophy will be not good-looking, so take care or cleaning on a regular basis. Because of high quality crystal accessories after cleaning, can immediately reflect the color and uniform and concentrated QiSeGuang spectrum ( Rainbow) 。 Here is the cup down artificial cleaning needs attention and methods: 1, ready to the ladder, electroprobe, screwdriver, cotton cloth, liquid detergent qi car wax; 2, cut off power supply first, put away the ladder, and then combine as crystal accessories and trophies to soak in all off; 3, put the cup down, remove dust, use is not easy to dropping on the cotton cloth of car liquid wax cleaning again plating surface, can make the metal surface renew; 4, put the crystal ball small pendant light in a bucket, drip into the wash clean, filled with water, wash with prepared cloth surface dust or oil stains, then use clean water to remove bubbles; 5, the crystal wash foam dry up or let it dry, then pack is installed. Note: 1, suggest to change a pin or after each cleaning hook hanging crystal, in case caused by aging pin, hook fracture the crystal ball drop down; 2, in order to avoid the crystal surface of fingerprint and perspiration, cotton gauze gloves installation; After the installation, open the power supply, check whether the crystal trophy is normal.
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