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Custom acrylic products cooperation guidelines

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-30
About price: 1, factory direct supply, cut intermediary link, the real factory and buyer zero distance seamless docking. Save 20% of the purchasing cost for you! 2, the product take the meager profit but high turnover profit model, the larger the purchase quantity, the more favorable the price! We don't do one-time business, we want to be your gold supplier! 3, all acrylic products can be customized, offer one-on-one product customization service, according to your requirements for products & other; Private custom & throughout; Solution! About delivery: sample version: 3 - commonly About 4 days, except in the special cases such as material need inquiry purchasing or hit a special version of the sample order is more, with Noble allow back to a rapprochement period shall prevail. Mass production: Noble allow orders, the product quantity, the actual delivery to Noble allow reply delivery shall prevail. About payment: after the contract signature confirmation of return, the customer first 30% deposit in advance to our designated bank account, we confirm the deposit account to arrange order after production, before shipment, need to pay the balance payment only after arrange shipment. If need to understand more Noble allow work matters can be directly consulting our customer service, our Noble allow all employees must do our best to service for you.
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