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Custom badge of how to identify! 'They' is the key!

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-02
How to identify the badge? This is a lot of concern of the badge collection enthusiasts. In recent years, the badge collection is more and more become a kind of fashion, a quoted a collection craze all over the world. Olympic badges, badges, badge and so on of the World Cup, the expo become synonymous with each badge are popular. But as the badge collection hot interest, in the collection around the market, a fake badge also showed growing trend, especially the use of advanced technology of generic rare badge, as some precious metal badges, but also the sham as the genuine, makes one true and false. That should be how to identify the true and false of the badge? Here are by crossbow handicraft tell everybody badge to identify a simple analysis. To better realize the badge identification method, must first understand a fake badge. A fake badges include imitation ( Namely the genuine badge made based on mould) And later period ( Dreamed up out of thin air, forged false) Two major categories, including imitation is relatively rare. Authenticity identification badge, can draw lessons from traditional Chinese medicine & other; Inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation & throughout; Four methods for & other; Diagnosis & throughout; , make a fake badge. A badge identification method: so-called & other; Hope & throughout; Badge badge is observed, the surface effect of natural patina, enamel coating, paint, electroplating luster, background, text characteristic and so on. Genuine badge is enamel color, bright of the lacquer that bake, with excellent adhesion and resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. A fake badge is paint is made, natural curing quick-drying, paint a cascading trace, color luster difference too bright-coloured, long film easy shell layer. Badge on the surface of plating, light and shade depth, thickness and badge to identify the important basis of authenticity. Identification badges method 2: the so-called & other; Smell & throughout; Or knowledgeable, or obtain knowledge from books and periodicals in the media, or consult experts and collectors, and compare with the same genuine badge and so on. Identification badges method three: the so-called & other; Q & throughout; To understand the context of the emblem, historical background, design, modelling, aesthetic principle, technological process, the production process, etc. To identify the authenticity of the emblem, well is very good understanding of the badge. Each badge, especially early badges issued production, are based on certain historical events, there are belong to the story. Except a few handmade badges, badge mechanism of technological process is roughly: badge main production process: drawing - - Engraving - - Pressure shock - - Color - - Millstones - - Polishing - - Welding accessories - - Electroplating - - The quality - - The finished product - - The packing. Badges varieties differ in thousands ways, but its process method is the same, we make more understanding of badges, nature also can more authenticity identification badges. Knowledge about badges can visit crossbow, site of the arts and crafts, such as the badge process analyses the meaning of stamping, know the types of badges, badge and technological process of the article, to deepen our understanding of the badge. Identification badges method 4: the so-called & other; Cut & throughout; Refers to the badge from material qualitative, density were identified. Badge make stamping chapter billet is the most important process. The badge made by press capacity, the greater the density is higher, also can make the badge maintaining high on both sides of the smoothness and finish. As long as the careful identification, auxiliary in the badge to identify knowledge, is must be identified.
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