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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-21
Earlier, we shared that the craftsmanship of badge customization generally includes printing crafts, baking varnish crafts, and imitation enamel crafts. These crafts have their own characteristics and skills, which is why some badges are made very beautifully, while some badges are custom-made very ordinary. As Disney's designated badge manufacturer, Nubo, let me share with you the skills of badge customization and tell you how to make beautiful badges: The tips here are on the back of the badge to deal with the effect; 1. The matte effect on the back of the metal badge For the treatment, the discharge treatment is generally selected, so that it will be very textured to the touch. 2. If you want to make a badge of printing process that looks simple, generous and refreshing, you have to choose a lithographic effect. 3. It is recommended that the paint badge should be embossed, and the back of the cloth pattern should be selected for the treatment effect. 4. The same is true for imitation enamel badges. To make the overall match, you must choose the backing effect of the cloth pattern.
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