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Custom badges so popular main reason!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-24
Mention the breastpiece, believes everyone not unfamiliar, everywhere. Now, restaurant, club, hotel waiter will name badges and so on. Made it easy for people to remember, more standardized, more efficient work. Custom badges according to the material classification can be divided into stainless steel breastplate, acrylic badges, badges, titanium copper breastplate, the breastplate of alluvial gold badges, silver, etc. According to the purpose and function of classification can be divided into: employee badges, clothing to modify the breastpiece, company badges, etc. Badges are commonly used: 1. Stamping process for the breastpiece of the lacquer that bake. 2. Stamping process for imitation enamel badges. 3. The breastpiece metal coloring process. 4. The breastpiece die casting process of the lacquer that bake. 5. The breastpiece die-casting imitation enamel craft. 6. Printing plastic badges badges. 7. Tinplate package paper breastplate process. Customize the breastpiece advantages: 1, the material is light, fashion. 2, sensory and elegant. 3, production cost is easy to control, affordable. 4, application field widely, clothing, beauty, food and beverage. 5, wear resistance, easy to keep. 6, ease of use wear. 7, style variety. 8, beautiful personality. Badges are so popular main reasons: 1. Name badges can standardize management of the company. 2. Badges can improve the image of the company as a whole. 3. The breastpiece profile reflects a company's corporate culture. Crossbow, craft of the breastpiece are generally adopts enamel, imitation enamel, zinc alloy, paint, glue materials, such as the breastpiece size and size can be customized according to customer's request, to order to send the CDR or AI format. 7 - any order quantity, delivery date About 10 days, quantity price to discuss more. Welcome friends from all walks of life consultation or to our factory to check!
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