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Custom emblem design drawings have what demand?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-31
Badge custom began in the design of the totem, have the design draft out we can according to the guest's design draft to render satisfactory metal crafts. What you need to pay attention to you when you draft badge of design? Below to list our emblem design draft of the manuscript guidelines ~ of information software CorelDraw, Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc. The manuscript bleeding size 3 mm ( Typography from cutting tangent within 3 mm, please avoid laying to text) Color in 1. Colors are & throughout; CMYK” Color shall prevail, without the use of special color or RGB color as far as possible, unless special color printing, avoid the color difference is serious. 2. Try not to use four color black coloring or four color more than more than 200% of the total cost of the coloring, avoid dry ink slow. 3. Fill color reproduction, please do not less than 8% or set up the casing outside the text needs to curve, and to remove unnecessary words in design file all line manuscript draw lines, please avoid using 0. The fine line of 15 mm below the archive lattice figure ( Such as. tif、. psd、. jpg,。 Eps format) Resolution set to 600 dpi, please placed all of the design content in single layer (on the same page Please don't lock objects or layers) To avoid files off color shading + - time error happens when processing 10% belong to the normal range
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