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Custom metal key chain pendant you how to choose the merchants?

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-01
Custom key chain which good? Archaize badge manufacturers. Metal key chain pendant key rings ( Key chain) Is necessary in People's Daily life, its overall quality, directly affects the rights and interests of consumers. To pay attention to the intrinsic quality of key rings, from product design, mould making, material selection, processing, until in the company to establish a professional quality assurance testing station, all of which are the products of strong, durable, safe, convenient for key goals. Crossbow Po process of springtime delights key rings, various technical indexes meet the national industry standard to ensure the quality of the use of each key rings! This series of metal key chain pendant key rings ontology is made of high quality zinc alloy or stainless steel material manufacturing, product durability. Choose high quality carbon steel key ring, USES the advanced key ring processing, heat treatment process. Key ring easy to rust, yellowing and poor reset ( Opening) , the reason is plating thickness, coating corrosion resistance is poor, the system of key ring material is poor or key ring without heat treatment, etc. Yongchang beautiful key ring pays attention to inner quality, surface plating thickness of 10 microns (or Average is about 5 microns) ; Plating surface through 6 h salt spray test, corrosion resistant level 7 or higher level; Key ring material USES more than 45 # high quality steel wire ( Common use Q195 ~ Q235 wire) Strong, after heat treatment, reduction and performance.
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