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【 Exquisite acrylic photo frame) Dongguan kai's factory

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-10
Acrylic magnetic photo frame: similar to a rectangle, is completely transparent or more color of two pieces of transparent acrylic, two pieces of acrylic sheet placed small magnets, the corners of space just put among common photos. These magnet it is mainly used for photo around the positioning, and strengthen its beautiful sex. Also conducive to protect the quality of the photos, photos can also prevent the yellow etc. Acrylic magnet frame knowledge of using acrylic photo frames and glass frame be less temperamental, but still need to care, because it is simply to look at, but must is a tool, what should we use and protect the photo frame? 1, picture frames due to what is structural, often do not move, the best don't move. 2, is in the indoor use circumstance, it is best not to open to put. 3, avoid high temperature and sunlight for a long time. 4, cleaning of the best land use alkaline cleaner, do not use detergent water. 5, be sure to regularly clean parts and closely.
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