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Exquisite perfect crystal cup production process

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-14
Beautiful noble crystal trophy, she is so bright is dazzing, behind the mysterious you definitely want to know how production come out, then the sylphy process below small make up with you in detail. Crystal cup production process there are: material, cutting, pressing, coarse polishing, fine polishing, drilling, plating color, engraving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging. 1, material: crystal materials are usually several levels, there is no impurities, the best provisions and bubbles, material is also very rules, the brightness is very high, very transparent, in turn, with poor will gradually have small flaws, 2, material: is the whole piece of material with large blade high-speed saw the crystal size and the shape of the pressing needs. 3, pressing: with the required size and shape of mold to produce finished product, raw material and the high temperature to 900 ℃ above melting, into the mold, die casting. 4, coarse polishing: MAO of the embryo, the die with diamond disc mill directly from the groove of the finished product. 5, fine polishing: after rough polishing, polishing powder to burnish the finished product to glittering and translucent get rid of it. 6, punch: the crystal is in finished product before completion, according to the required size and position of punch, punch to bit processing. 6, screen printing, crystal surface with different pigment effect processing, color layer thicker, focus on rear can fall off. 7, plating color: use similar plating technique in the crystal surface in different colors, with thin layer, the friction can scratch, a scratch, often due to the plating color at the bottom, so often use other objects attached at the bottom of the plating color, such as raw XiaoWen Town. 8, sculpture, stereo sense is strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. Manual sculpture graphics, carvings machine. 9, sandblasting: through special dielectric coated to the surface of a crystal, then use the machine through the impact of the different thickness of sand crystal surface to form a pattern of customers need. 10, the assembly: some crystal is a combination of several parts, here I just need to put all the parts together. This is a meticulous work, will make the whole product scrap affected by any carelessness. 11, packing: will be scrubbed clean, crystal trophy in special JinHe. This is a finished product. 12: more than just most crystal processing operations for some crystal such as round, polygonal, concave shape, crystal inside carving, and other special products and special processing methods. Special products and special processing methods.
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