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Games MEDALS meaning deep, popular with the affection of his people

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-16
Metal MEDALS in the application is very extensive, as anime, toys, games and activities celebrating ceremony gifts, is favored by customers, is also very common promotion methods. MEDALS and MEDALS can let you have a moment to good old memories. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, track and field games, tournament large sports event, such as the proof of the medal is the winner of the every race. MEDALS according to the different shapes can be divided into: medal, medal, plate. Common medal material: aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other material, also useful stone, wood, resin, organic, and even some also. A typical such as: Beijing 08 Olympic medal. According to different craft materials can be divided into: bronze, aluminum plate printing CARDS, stainless steel, titanium, the sand heap jin, jin jin card CARDS, jin plating. According to different purposes awards can be divided into: advanced group of advanced individual medal, medal, medal, games MEDALS, excellent personnel, medal of honor. Every single world championship, the Olympic Games, Asian games and awarded to the winner of the competition jin, silver and bronze MEDALS. But, in a long time ago, reward for the winners in sports competitions, is a woven with olive tree osmanthus loops, namely & other Crown & throughout; 。 In 1465, in Zurich, Switzerland, for a vehicle, the winner of the prize to triple jump project a jin. That may be the first not to give the winner & other; Crown & throughout; 。 In 1895 the first yi olympiad winners receive is & other; Crown & throughout; 。 吗? The meaning of the Olympics MEDALS: spread the Olympic spirit, friendship, peace, personal achievements, glory and ability to prove! Humanistic quality and national charm of the show.
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