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God operation: 80000 tons of waste electronic products extracted 5000 Olympic MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-15
“ Almost no like Tokyo, Japan in the summer Olympic Games. 1 year ahead of schedule when ready to big cities is so well. ” Ioc President Bach so sigh with emotion. 28, Japan in 2020 Olympic Games countdown anniversary celebration ceremony held in Tokyo Japan, Tokyo, Japan (bocog) announced an Olympic medal in Tokyo, Japan & ndash; — Gold weighs 556 grams, about silver weighing about 550 grams, about 5000 MEDALS, are the net weight and the summer Olympic MEDALS. Tokyo in 2020, the Olympic Games will be held on August 9, July 24 solstice, the preparatory work has entered the final sprint stage at present. According to Japan's TBS television reported, as the main venue of the opening ceremony in Tokyo this month new national arena has spread on the lawn, now completed 90%, all completed in November this year, other sites have begun to test. 'Japanese economic news' said that Tokyo's haneda airport on the 24th to go through the introduction of face recognition system, have a travel and business within 90 days of short-term visa fast customs clearance of foreigners can use this system. As for ticket sales, attracts the most attention, according to the Japan times in the first round draw, nearly ninety percent of Japanese people are not success, but will be implemented next month & other; Additional draw & throughout; , the ticket number more than 600000 copies. As Olympic sponsors of Japan's three travel agencies began to launch the Olympic travel packages from 24, package including the opening and closing ceremonies 18 days, 16 tickets and hotel accommodation, meals for 4. 5 million yen ( $28. 60000 yuan) 。 Gold and silver are the weight of the reported gen summer Olympic MEDALS, the Olympic MEDALS from Osaka designer western sichuan plain city design, bocog public solicitation from Tokyo, through the design of relevant personage and retired athletes panel elected in July 2018. Gold on the outside of the sterling silver plated over 6 grams of gold and silver for silver. 450 grams of bronze made from brass containing a small amount of zinc. With recent Olympic medal is 85 mm in diameter, side engraved with the project name in English. MEDALS, one according to the regulation of the international Olympic committee (ioc), with the Greek myth of the goddess of victory, the background for the first Olympic Games held in Athens, XinNaiKe stadium. “ Urban mines & throughout; Power to collect MEDALS materials in February this year, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympic games organizing committee chairman mori on the council, said the Tokyo Olympic Games to recycle old mobile phones & other; Waste & throughout; MEDALS. On July 10, games (bocog), said in Tokyo has collected and refined required to complete the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympic games renewable metal producing 5000 MEDALS. It is reported, & other; Green Olympics & throughout; Is one of Tokyo's commitment to use the small electronic devices such as from the old phone extract metal MEDALS, is the first attempt in Olympic history. To this end, Japan since April 2017, conducted called & other; Urban mines make everyone medal! ” In the activity. The so-called & other; Urban mines & throughout; Refers to recycling and refining the precious metal inside the discarded electronic products, access to available resources. The Japanese government called on national widely involved, donate unused old mobile phones and home appliances. According to figures released by the Tokyo Olympic Games organizing committee, producing 5000 MEDALS to 30. 3 kg gold silver, 4100 kg and 2700 kg of copper. In the year to march, Japan's local governments have received nearly 80000 tonnes of donated goods, refined about 32 kg gold silver, 3500 kg and 2200 kg of copper. It is reported that nearly 80000 tonnes of donated goods mainly discarded mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, portable game consoles of 28 kinds of small household appliances.
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