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Immediate fire with orders to customers, crossbow help you out!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-11
Efficiency is whether an enterprise to maintain long-term survival and development of the important symbol, is also a enterprise can keep the important of built to last, and the cost is to measure whether an enterprise profit or important indicator of how much profit. Enterprises to reduce the production cost should not stay in the optimization process, simplify the process, the introduction of technical level, should also focus on the production of each link. Both technical personnel and production workers, management, or marketing personnel, badge should be further customized production workshop, with in-depth study, thinking about the possibility of enterprise production every link cost reduction. Customer order is imminent, crossbow badge is made first, on September 8, 2015, yiyang fire through alibaba search & throughout; Fire epaulettes & throughout; Find crossbow bo trustpass location, attracted by clear product pictures and details description, then with our online customer service have made a preliminary understanding, the customer needs to customize a number of fire epaulettes, about the number of PCS in 10000, a question? Customer delivery is urgent, the shipment should be made before eleven, and we need to provide the design drawings, in order to cooperate and meet the demand of customer orders for delivery, crossbow Po according to the customer to give the reasonable evaluation, and to finish quickly & throughout; Fire epaulettes & throughout; Drawings design, sent to the customer to confirm the details, while the middle times delayed a day and a half of the time, but didn't affect the order process, finally getting customer affirmation, design smoothly into mass production stage, with epaulettes - Computer embroidery customized package approach side stick hot melt adhesive sheet, bulk orders at present 3 PCS has been completed, is expected to 1 month can finish ship the batch order. In recent years, the crossbow Po in order to constantly explore new way, strengthen the process manufacturing ability of the company itself, in the progress, the quality of the products more outstanding itself advantage, win more market opportunities, become the numerous trade, gift companies, apparel company & rsquo; Unit custom anniversary badge, badges, commemorative MEDALS fire first. Through lean production and management, the company constantly using different mechanisms, increasing product development, open market, continuously improve the efficiency of badges customized production, strictly control the product is monovalent, making itself more competition advantage and market space. At the rate of efficient response to customers, resolve customer problems, to control the product is monovalent, cost for the customer for a very low price, is one of the crossbow Po process in custom industry core advantages, crossbow tourism handicraft original information, all rights reserved: http://www. ysgou。 com/( Focus made badges, MEDALS order) , reprint please indicate the source, thank you!
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