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In the history of the most simple principle and process of acrylic hot bending is introduced

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-01
Acrylic must have come in contact with hot bending acrylic industry are not strange, but I believe that there are quite a few and small make up before, only know what's it like in acrylic hot bending, but do not know the principle and process flow, so today Noble allow small make up in here for everybody simple introduction of the principle of acrylic hot bending and process, ensure even beginners can understand a see. Local hot bending: this is an acrylic products, especially the acrylic table tablet stands on one of the most common method of hot bending, parts of the acrylic to hot bending under heating element. The slow heating element, make the acrylic to bending slowly become soft, then bent into any shape you want. It is important to note that in the process of hot bending must pay attention to control the temperature of the heating rods, rapid increase or decrease, otherwise it will cause an acrylic hot bending parts to produce the problem such as pitting, bubble, affect beautiful. Mould hot bending: because of the yakeli heating process, will inevitably have a heat concentration, thermal deformation control. So in need of large areas of hot bending acrylic products, use the most is mould hot bending. Put to hot bending acrylic in the oven, heightening the temperature slowly, after being acrylic softening, removed, into the prepared mold, wait for after cooling, molding. Mould hot bending compared with local hot bending, possesses the advantages of high precision hot bending, more beautiful.
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