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Introduction: metal games MEDALS maintenance method?

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-09

Over the years for various meetings, game, we company activities produced all kinds of metal MEDALS, with copper, and gold, silver and other precious metals. Are generally the organizers or event planning unit directly find our procurement. We rarely direct access to the real winners. Metal MEDALS tend to represent the honor and so on, has the very high collection of commemorative prices and significance, has special significance for the winners. But the metal MEDALS maintenance has many exquisite. Crossbow bo jun the technology of sorting out the following five common and practical methods: 1, metal MEDALS, of the dust of the ground with a clean and soft cloth wipe, and those who need to be especially careful details of the horn side, with soft wool to brush or vacuum siphon off or blow to the dust; And then with a sealed bag mouth. 2, the placement of metal MEDALS space must be kept dry, no dust and air pollutants. In the 18 ℃ - temperature 24 ℃, relative humidity at forty percent Fifty percent. 3, to prevent mechanical damage of the metal MEDALS, each other should not collide with each other, not to the overlying shelved. 4, metal MEDALS put a long time after, on the basis of the environment that puts more or less will appear the phenomenon of some dark dumb, when can the silk cotton cloth wipe gently back and forth, can achieve the effect of polishing, so that the radiant protection wax layer on the surface of the back. 5, prevent metal MEDALS contact harmful chemical substances, such as acid, grease, chloride, etc. Practical games MEDALS maintenance method is to share, crossbow bo jun original information technology, reprint please indicate the source.( Crossbow Po process specialized custom MEDALS) , hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776.                                

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