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Kay rick acrylic jewelry display large 24:00

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-12
When you go to the jewelry store, mobile phone shops, watch shops and so on, small make up the thought of you probably some exhibits focus only on the surface of the display rack, the first is because you need is some exhibits in the show on the surface of the rack, but have you ever thought, when jewelry shop, mobile phone shops, watch shops and so on did not reveal frame, just put the items of fixed flat inside, you see this time will not be present situation, this time you can only watch it, but can't watch it well stereo, but with the acrylic display, you can very good watch to show the whole picture of the item, there are some better display shelf is able to automatically move, don't need you to artificial can good observe the whole picture, it is very good? Here is to share with you the acrylic display some of the pictures, let everybody can with further understanding to it. Use cascading way to show different items, that you can all show on the stage in a watch, and also save a lot of space. Here to show you a few yakeli frosted jewelry display shelf. Overall use translucent frosted board than the use of transparent board have qualitative feeling more delicate, more show when will play in the above light more soft and dreamy, foil more bright is dazzing jewellery. Noble allow is a manufacturer specialized in acrylic product customization, our all products are for custom, acceptable for custom, there is no spot, the injection molding, have a friend need to welcome consultation at any time.
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