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Know before custom MEDALS MEDALS size!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-25
The size of the medal has a lot of kinds, need to know when custom MEDALS MEDALS what are the dimensions. General custom MEDALS were prepared for an honorary award, is the institution, organ, party committee, schools, training institutions and enterprises award gifts, often can be used to customize the medal size should not be with much better, but according to the actual needs can be appropriate. Medal has a different material: soft enamel, zinc alloy, medal, MEDALS wooden MEDALS, gold MEDALS, tin alloy MEDALS. 。 。 Custom metal MEDALS, the appearance of the overall medal size is round, very few of the square. Why is given priority to with round medal custom size? Because custom MEDALS are basic need for sporting events, custom MEDALS still need to attach a ribbon. Custom MEDALS general size have the following kinds: 18 x21cm, 20 x25cm, 25 x30cm, 35 x40cm, 30 x50cm, 35 x50cm, 40 x60cm, etc. Custom MEDALS by material, process, number of thickness and design, concrete can call to consult with our company, our professional solutions for you. Custom MEDALS, find crossbow handicraft, 33 years experience, we can provide customers with one-stop services from design to finished product, we are professional customized according to customer requirements, quality guaranteed. Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit! https://www. nobleaward。 com/
The use and installation of custom trophies is compared with most other systems for managing the customized medals effectively and no doubt custom trophies have won the race so many times.
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