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Made of acrylic display shelf?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-17
Made of acrylic display rack is a very common way, transparent acrylic has more than 92% of the light transmittance, high brightness, color and has a good processing performance, can save a lot of time in processing and manufacturing, is typical of durable in use, this is a lot of people choose acrylic display shelf. Since made of acrylic display is a trend of the market, so what are the types of acrylic on market to choose from? In general, we habitually draw a distinction between light transmittance from it: transparent, translucent panels and non-ferrous plate. It is also easy to customers to distinguish, because is generally used in the domestic market of domestic board, import plate less because of high costs led to the use of customer, utilization rate is low, so you don't normally do to distinguish from the origin. And with the progress of domestic acrylic production technology in recent years, domestic also emerged a group of excellent acrylic suppliers, homebred yakeli board and imported plate gap is narrowing. Came up out of the color is more general, there are a lot of special features of acrylic board, such as fire prevention board, fire board, impact resistant plate, sheet metal effect, guide plate, mirror plate, etc. Is introduced here to give you the custom don't are limited by the fixed thinking, acrylic display besides acrylic materials can match a lot of other materials, wood, metal, leather, cloth, etc. , acrylic sheet to show the effect is very diverse. Noble allow large acrylic processing factory in dongguan region, is a professional for department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and businesses to provide product display props, we have nearly 20 years experience in manufacturing acrylic display rack, has a full set of production equipment, service thousands of customers at home and abroad, GUCCI, chanel, SK - Ⅱ, Dior custom-made cosmetic display rack, chow tai fook, montblanc, casio, swarovski customized jewelry display shelf, also made for VIVO, such as samsung mobile display shelf. Professional, reliable.
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