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Maintain crystal cup handicraft should pay attention to four details

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-30
Crossbow bo crystal is specialized in the production of MEDALS production, the production of custom trophy, crystal trophy, welcome to customize the choose and buy! Maintain crystal cup handicraft should pay attention to four detail 1, can't suddenly put crystal trophy, in high temperature or low temperature environment, 2, don't put the washed crystal trophy piled up together, 3, must pay attention to, crystal trophy cannot machine wash, good is washed by hand. 4, it is good to natural shade dry, not hard to dry; Comes with a scale of crystal trophy, can put detail acid cleaning, acid water can also be soak in salt water for 24 hours, and then rinse with water, can remove scale; If you accidentally left the oily be soiled or fingerprints on gifts, crystal trophy can be tuned the soap to wash in warm water, then rinse off with clear water; A lot of crystal trophy gifts have cut parts, the cutting part is very coarse, once appear, stains are hard to clean up. Can put some salt, lemon slice daub on the incision of stained, rinse again can. Or use a few drops of vinegar add salt to rub is also effective; If you are going to long time storage gifts, crystal trophy unfavorable use plastic bags and foam tape etc. Because this kind of packaging can increase the temperature, thus easy to crystal damage; In fact, if you don't want to disturb by dust, crystal on the good way is to mask out a layer of glass lid, which can enjoy the beautiful gifts, crystal trophy and also to prevent crystal exposed to the air affected the exquisitely carved, and it has a great relationship depending on the degree of effect of glittering and translucent bright and clean. But you know, crystal is a kind of fragile material, if improper protection problems easily. Adequately gifts network today about the crystal trophy gifts and share with you how to do daily maintenance. Maintenance of crystal trophy what gift should pay attention to: the quality of a material of crystal brittle, so it is forbidden to weight, break and so on. At the same time as well as the high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid environment will cause great damage to the crystal; If you want to move the crystal products, need to wear a soft cotton gloves, or thoroughly clean hands. This can be necessary to avoid the oil collection. In addition, a lot of people in the mobile when they gift of crystal trophy will seize the crystal is placed at the top or denotation, but doing so could easily lead to vulnerable parts of the fracture. So should be avoided; If it is found that there is some dirt on crystal collection, average feather brush will leave crystal thin scratches, after a long time to cause a decline in crystal bright effect. Therefore recommend the use of soft and contains no fluff cloth lightly dust removal, remember to light force; Is common crystal trophy, crystal MEDALS, crystal gifts, because often use, so to clean frequently. When cleaning, has the following several attention points: gifts as a craft gifts, crystal trophy has many supporters in the market. Custom trophy price? Which good MEDALS made? Custom trophies manufacturer? Trophies and MEDALS customized services, all in a crossbow bo crystal
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