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Making the concept and design thought introduction to crest

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-29
Crest is one of the symbols of a school, its main purpose is to identify personnel, holding memorial, and through the design, text introduces the nature of the school and discipline, at the same time also give the wearer when wearing the crest in virtually increased the discipline of the, standardize the behavior of students, raise public awareness of the school. Crest is of great significance, crest often contains the special significance, particularly as some school crest with a long history, famous university crest and some foreign crest mostly designed by celebrity combining with the characteristics of the school. Such as Peking University, tsinghua university, fudan university, Shanghai tongji university and the school crest logo a batch of famous Chinese and foreign colleges and universities. Wear the crest is a kind of form, and the moral education contains is very rich. The crest wear up, helps to cultivate students for the school and the class collective sense of honor, the students have a strong feelings for crest and spontaneous sincere understanding. Crest is made one: crest design characteristics of the creative and clear image, design is concise, full, beautiful and easy, easy, easy to remember, easy to cause, profound meaning, to the school's educational philosophy, the humanities spirit is crest design must grasp the design idea. How to use graphics or text, color languages such as to establish a more comprehensive design positioning is the first thing to solve the problem. Such as people-oriented, Peking University, tsinghua university, with an unyielding and hold world with virtue. 2: the characteristics of the design rule of crest crest is vivid and concise, with a strong visual impact and heart shock, has the rich imagination, reveal the university educational philosophy and the humanities spirit, unique ideas. And to our middle school crest design only in between, it contains capacity is very big. Therefore, crest design requirements for highly generalization, revealing. With small, to express the connotation of the far larger and more less, this is one of the crest design should follow the rule. Crest shape: divided into rectangular, oval, round, with round most, elongated relatively popular in the 80 s. Crossbow, arts and crafts products can be produced according to the requirements of various badges, let the customer trust, customer satisfaction. We will respect each customer request, adopt each customer Suggestions and opinions, positive improvement and innovation, customer Suggestions and opinions are our precious wealth, we sincerely hope to be able to with every client to establish good relations of cooperation. 86 - 579 - 85596776 or customize: http://www. ysgou。 com/Products/xxhzdzxhzz。 超文本标记语言
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